About Justin Etzin

Justin Etzin is a British/Seychellois entrepreneur, investor, and philanthropist with diverse interests spanning real estate, hospitality, retail, travel, insurance, medical services, entertainment, and technology.

As the CEO of Global Ocean, a company specializing in private equity, global real estate investment and development, and debt financing, Justin plays a pivotal role in shaping its strategic direction.

Justin is the son of Bernard Etzin, an American Hotel developer and one of the original founders of Brother International Corporation. Today, the Brother International Corporation is an empire selling a variety of goods across the world. Justin’s family’s connection with Seychelles started years before Justin was born, when in 1971 when his Father travelled on the first ever commercial flight to the country to discover the untouched paradise Island.

Justin lived in Seychelles from the age of 6 weeks old and despite his global travels and relocations, Seychelles has always held a special place in his heart.

In addition to his business ventures, Justin Etzin served as a Diplomat for Seychelles at the United Nations in New York for an impressive 14-year tenure. Currently, he serves as a strategic advisor and Special Envoy to the President of Seychelles.

At the helm of Global Ocean’s hospitality arm, Justin leads the development of hotels in Seychelles, the United States, and Europe. His vision revolves around creating hotels that emphasize wellness, longevity, and a distinctive guest experience. Justin has a keen interest in architecture and design, particularly in the restoration of iconic heritage properties. This is evident in his projects in the United States, where he transforms historic federal properties into residential developments and boutique hotels, preserving tradition while breathing new life into them.

Justin is the owner of Finley Cay Island, Bahamas. Once described as a jewel in the crown of the Bahamas, it is the first island on the Exuma chain with the longest sandbar in the Caribbean. Justin acquired this ecological paradise and wildlife conservation reserve to ensure its preservation in its natural state for generations to come.

Justin Etzin’s business portfolio is diverse, including roles as the Managing Director of Seychelles Medical, a premier tourist medical facility, an investor in UK Diagnostics, a UK-based laboratory and diagnostic provider, and a Director of Seychelles Travel, a Destination Management Company. Additionally, he focuses on venture capital investments in Europe and the US, supporting businesses in various growth strategies, particularly in the tech and consumer-facing sectors.

A significant aspect of Justin’s commitment is reflected in the Etzin Foundation, where he channels efforts to provide unique experiences for the terminally ill and funds life-saving medical equipment for underfunded hospitals. Notably, Justin recently made a substantial donation of an entire laboratory to the Seychelles Ministry of Health, contributing to the enhancement of public health facilities in the region.

Justin’s profound love on nature led him to the establishment the One Ocean, One Future foundation, with a mission to raise global awareness and prevent the destruction of our fragile oceans. OOOF is dedicated to preserving the natural state of ecosystems and collaborated with other foundations and conservations teams to raise funds and awareness.